Waterbury Real Estate & Community Info

Waterbury Real Estate & Community Info

Waterbury is one of the most natural and elegant places to live, with a neighborhood that was designed to follow the nature. Known as the “sunken garden”, Waterbury Road and Country Club Boulevard guide you through the beautiful, wooded neighborhood. The neighborhood of Waterbury has a population of 3,368 as of 2010, with a small increase since 2000, and is one of the smallest populations in the area.

The neighborhood was founded in a three-stage plan, where stage one began from 1906 to 1911, then the second stage from 1923 to 1925, and the third and final stage between 1931 to 1940. Waterbury got its name from the original founder name F C Waterbury, which during stage one, was the founder of the Waterbury Chemical Company. The second stage came when a Country Club expansion wanted Waterbury as a part of their organization due to the picturesque environment and sights. The final stage was when a parkway was developed around the area, making its access to Des Moines more convenient and other needs possible.

Living in Waterbury

A neighborhood designed to follow the land with large lots plotted on top of hills, houses perched at the top, and spectacular views, Waterbury has more than enough to offer. Growing within a dense wooded area, and retaining a mature canopy, one feels secluded, even though they are right outside of metropolitan Des Moines.

Over 1,100 households, ranging from large estates, to multi-unit properties, there is plenty to choose from. A median housing value of $279,760, is 78.6% higher than the rest of Des Moines and draws the more successful crowd to the area. And having an average household of 2.3 people, most occupants are established families who enjoy a quiet and safe neighborhood.

Shopping and Dining Options in Waterbury

Waterbury is not largely populated with shopping and dining options. Mostly focused on neighborhood improvement and development, community outreach, and resident involvement, retail isn’t the reason for someone wanting to move to Waterbury. But this does not mean that it’s a hassle to shop or dine either.

In very close proximity, is the capital itself, Des Moines. Being the large city it is, and a major metropolitan area, Des Moines has multiple shopping centers and malls, as well as over 100 restaurants to choose from. Close by is West Des Moines, which also offers a wide selection of shopping and dining, and every day needs. So even though Waterbury does not directly have major choices, anything your heart desires is within a short distance.

Waterbury Recreation

Waterbury takes its local recreation very seriously, ensuring that their neighborhood is healthy and welcoming to all its residents. Even though Waterbury does not include a park, there are large areas known as “greenspace” that offer the same amnesties as a park. With future plans for development, many of these greenspaces have potential to be a community park.


Within a short distance from Waterbury is Greenwood and Ashworth Park, both located south of the neighborhood. This allows the Waterbury residents to enjoy a full community park, and all it has to offer for the local area. Along with these two parks, Waterbury has access to the Central Iowa Trail System and Walnut Creek Trail. Residents love the ability to follow these trails and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.




Being in the greater Des Moines area also means quick access to any of the parks around: Gray’s Lake Park, Lilac Arboretum at Eqing Park, and Union Park. All beautiful places to visit with unique qualities sure to attract attention and provide a great day out with the family.

Schools, Health, and Transportation

Waterbury has three schools within a very short distance from the neighborhood: Hanawalt Elementary School, Merrill Middle School, and Roosevelt High School. All very highly rated schools, with great success rates and test scores. If these schools do not fit your child’s mold, Des Moines offers one of the largest educational systems, with over 63 schools, ranging from elementary up to high school, and special needs schools as well. Higher education isn’t an issue either, multiple private colleges are in the area, including Drake University.

Being so close to Des Moines, there is easy access to the International Airport, which makes it easy to fly to any destination. Multiple interstates allow for easy commutes. Don’t like driving or flying? A state of the art Skywalk system gives pedestrians 4 miles of enclosed walkways within the downtown area, one of the largest in the United States. The Skywalk is also accompanied by DART, the local public transit system.

Many medical centers are scattered around the Des Moines Metropolitan area, and have a strong connection with the large education community. This connection brings community and scholastic involvement in the local health care, making sure all needs are met for all ages. Accompanying the involvement, the Universities contain research labs that work side by side with the local Medical Centers, providing the best in health care for those who live there.

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