Location Real Estate & Community Info

Location Real Estate & Community Info


Basic description about the relative geographical location, population quantity, and concentration
Short history about the community, who founded it, any interesting historical fact


Living in “Location”:

Types of housing available, the median cost for all houses, median cost for multiple types of housing (single family homes, condos, townhomes, etc.) description of neighborhoods, environment, common attractions for the community, and what makes it special


Shopping & Dining Options:

Describe the shopping options in the area. Local shops, what to get there, shopping centers, downtown, special shopping areas
Describe the dining options, type of cuisine, famous local restaurants, places with high ratings and well known, coffee and bakeries, any type of food or beverage, night life


Parks & Recreation:

Local attractions from events, to places to visit, historical locations, parks, outdoor activities, common things to do in the area, places for families, special things for that specific community, group organizations, sporting events


Schools, Health, & Transportation:

School district, number of public and private schools, special educational systems or opportunities, local universities, educational system rating for all levels
Local hospitals and medical facilities, emergency care, specialists, medical centers
Transportation involves local busses and taxi, airports, highways and roads for commutes, ease of access to nearby locations

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