The real estate market is full of ups and downs.  When buying a home sometimes you need every advantage.  So what days of the year are the best days to buy a home?  There are at least two days that can give buyers the edge, Christmas and Easter. 

The reasoning that these two days are the best days to purchase a house are that if a house is on the market over Christmas it implies that the owner definitely wants to sell and is motivated.  Moods over these holidays tend to be a little more cheerful and leaning towards good will.  However, sales are normally at a low in December.

Normally, however, most home purchases occur in late spring to late summer.  This is often because families want to move over the summer so that the children, might be able to settle in before school starts.  So, during this time period many home owners will have more showings and may not be as willing to negotiate.

Autumn is also a great time to buy, as the leaves fall , sales begin to also fall away. The need to sell before the home sits empty over the winter becomes more important to the owner.  Many home owners are more motivated to sell before the late fall holidays or the holiday season are upon them.  Open houses and home showings may be hard to come by over the holidays. 

Still, if you can get an agent who is tactful and persistent enough to be able to schedule a viewing over Christmas or Easter those particular days seem to give you an advantage.   You may have an advantage to having a lower offer accepted over those holidays. 

Always, remember that markets vary and seller motivation may not be predictable.  There are lots of reasons a seller might be motivated to accept a slightly lower offer.  These motivations may include divorce, job transfer and retirement. This is a buyers market so if you are in the market for a new home, now is the time to buy!