The Iowa Department of Revenue issued its annual assessment limitations, or rollback, order today for property values. No adjustments were ordered for the commercial, industrial, railroad and utility property classes because their assessed values did not increase enough to qualify for reductions, the department said. The total assessed value of residential properties was calculated at $132.4 billion with a taxable value of $62.1 billion, or 46.9094 percent of the assessed value. By comparison, the 2008 residential rollback was 45.5893 percent of the assessed value. Agricultural property, which is assessed at its productivity value, had a 2009 assessed value of $38 billion; the taxable value is $25.2 billion, which is 66.2715 percent of the assessed value. State law permits no more than a 4 percent annual increase in taxable value for agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial properties. County auditors will apply the adjustments to each property class to compute the taxable values used for property taxes.