In the housing market, some home improvements pay off by increasing your home's value , while others are not a good investment.. If you are considering a remodeling project,  there are two major things to keep in mind.  One is the tangible returns, the other is buyer influence. In general, updating your kitchen and bathrooms are always smart investments and offer the best home improvement value.

In a survey taken by home buyers, the number one turn off, or reason that disqualified a house they were shown was the kitchen or baths needing serious update.  Even now, the return rate for a kitchen remodel is one of the highest returns a seller has.  If it is the difference between selling the house or not selling the house, the market dictates that pepping up the kitchen isn’t a bad idea.  It is often one of the things that people remember in a house.

Not every improvement project is a good idea, such as adding a swimming pool. If you are planning to stay in your home for a while, an improvement like this is fine, but keep in mind that they rarely increase the value of your home. Additions like this may even make your home more difficult to sell. Avoid making too many expensive improvements that go beyond what is typically found in your neighborhood. For a list of different projects and to see a list of the actual cost of the project against the true value, view the report in Remodeling magazine’s 20th annual "Cost vs. Value Report," done in cooperation with REALTOR® Magazine.