Des Moines, Iowa school bell will ring for the 2009-2010 school season August 27, 2009. 

Weather your child is entering kindergarten, middle school or the senior year it is important that they are prepared for what the year holds for them

If you have younger children take them on a tour of campus.  Show them their new classroom, have them meet their teacher and other school officials.

If you children are older, help them by making sure they know their schedule of classes, locker number and where their classes are. 

Make the morning go smoothly for you and your child by providing a healthy breakfast, make sure they have a healthy lunch and do as much as you can the night before like choosing their outfits, pack their back pack.  The more organized they are the more confident they will be the first day of school.

No matter what age your child is - make sure to tell them you love them and are very excited for them to start the new school year.