By now Iowa property owners have recieved thier new 2011 assessment in the mail. Property owners in Iowa have from April 16 through May 5 to appeal your assessment. Thursday, The Des Moines Register reported that the average property in Polk County had dropped in value by 3.1%. Jim Willett of the Polk County Assessor's Office says "We are required to revalue property every two years so the changes you see in your 2011 assessment is a result of what the market has done in your area during 2009 and 2010". The Polk County Assessors office shows that the sales trend for 2009 through 2010 has been approximatly 98% of the assessed value. If you disageree with your new assessment you may obtain an appeal form at your local Courthouse or at the following links.

Appeal Form

Iowa Association of Assessors Links


Resources: Des Moines Register, Polk County Assessor,  Iowa Property Owners Alliance